Let me share a few things with you about bitterness before we go into prayer.

To begin with, I have been able to see the devastating effects of holding onto bitterness in our lives. Many lives have been stopped, and do not even know that it was so, because of refusing to let go of bitterness. This cannot be you today, beloved.
Bitterness comes as a result of unforgiveness, which is born by anger, which in turn is birthed by hurt or pain that has either been directly or indirectly afflicted on a person. Today, there are so many people who are stopped from fully maximizing their destiny by this spirit.

Why do I say spirit? Because, every sin that men commit starts as either an action, word, or thought. Eventually if the sin is not repented of, and the person begins to enjoy the feeling that sin gives to him, then that sin becomes embedded and reinforced in his life by a spirit. Therefore, what started as a small thing now becomes a bondage which is hard to let go. Many people are trapped in this state.

If the sun goes down while you are still angry with a person, you are giving the Devil a foothold into your life. By the next day, as you continue holding on, you will begin resenting the person, and next become bitter with them, followed by hatred, and finally with a plan of retaliating upon the person who hurt you.

This may be done by tearing down the person, verbal assault, character assassination, witchcraft prayers, and in some cases even inflicting physical pain. Some even consult to witchdoctors to complete their quest. By this time Satan will be firmly in control of the actions of such a person. You believe that the person must be made to pay for what they did, and that is all you care about.

Bitterness is a spirit that targets many people, and even more in the church, because it knows that as long as it has you firmly in its grip, you will be going nowhere in life. It poisons your spirit, soul and body and makes it difficult for any good thing to come into your life. You must make a decision to send it packing!

In the spirit, I have seen it as dirty water that runs through the spirit of a person, and while I ministered in deliverance it has come forth as gall, or bitter waters, from the mouth of the one taking deliverance. It is responsible for making many lives taste bitter. It drove Cain into his destruction, and the murder of Abel. It almost got Joseph, but he chose forgiveness. It had Absalom firmly in its grip, and led him to death. It had Naomi, but had to let her go. It had a hold on Hannah, but she prayed it away. And now, it seeks to lay a hold on many, including you.

Anyone who finds it a struggle to forgive you, or let go of bitterness must seek deliverance.

Why then should we forgive those who hurt us and send this spirit of bitterness packing?

10 reasons why you should let go of bitterness:

1. Realize that their actions (those who hurt you) are not worth cutting off your relationship with God.

2. Realize that God is the only legal avenger. We do not have divine permission to revenge on our enemies.
3. Realize that you are not sinless. You are likewise a person who often falls into sin and needs divine mercies upon your life.

4. Realize that the pain they caused you actually helped to promote you. You have grown by what you went through. You are not the same person.

5. Realize that holding onto bitterness will be a rich source of afflictions in your life (cancer, arthritis, ulcers, respiratory issues and other bone diseases).

6. Realize that holding onto bitterness poisons every other area of your life (everything will stop working).

7. Realize that you are in danger of hell fire, for the bitterness will give birth to hatred, and hatred will give birth to murder. ‘Whoever hates his brother is a murderer.’

8. Realize that everyone will go through some difficult situations at some point in their lives, but it doesn’t mean that is the end. Good things will still happen in your future.

9. Realize that when you are operating in bitterness, you are sick with an airborne disease. You will be spreading bitterness wherever you go, because you can only release what you contain.

10. Know that God specializes in taking our bitter experiences and turning them into sweetness. Your situation is no different from the rest.

Today, I pray that God will remember and deliver you from everything that has made you to bitter with life. I pray that you will find divine restoration for all you had to go through, in Jesus name.

Now, pray like this:
1. O God, I confess the sin of holding onto bitterness and resentment against ……………….. I ask you to forgive me.
2. I forgive all those who have hurt and offended me in the course of my life. In particular, I forgive ……………… for the things [he or she did, or said] against me.

3. My Father, arise and heal me from all pain and bitter experiences I went through in my past, in Jesus name.
4. Blood of Jesus, arise and flush out every river of bitter waters running through my body, in Jesus name.

5. I command every spirit of unforgiveness and bitterness holding my life to release me by fire, now, in Jesus mighty name!
6. I command every arrow of bitterness fired into my body to run out with it’s poisons and die, in Jesus mighty name!
7. I command every serpentine poison introduced into my body to run out and die, in the name of Jesus!
8. I decree it: as from today, my destiny shall not carry bitterness, in Jesus name!

9. O God, arise and transform the bitter waters of my life into sweet waters from today, in Jesus name.
10. O God, whatever I missed due to harboring bitterness in my life, arise and restore it today, in Jesus name!
Have a blessed day,
Apostle Paul A Williams

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