Worship Sessions:

ARC International offers a blend of Swahili (local) and contemporary worship. We love to worship and spend quality time giving our adoration to the King of Kings. You will enjoy our variety from our powerful worship team. Each service will leave you full of joy and radiance as you spend the allocated hour of worship with us in the presence of God. At ARC, we recognize the importance of worship and therefore do not make attempts to rush it. This is why you came to church. Visit us this week and experience the vibrant worship that is led by the Living Stones Worship Team to the Living God.


Misingi (Foundation) Class:

We encourage those who have newly come to the faith to grow through the reading of the Word of God, and, by the teaching of it. Every Sunday, we have a class that runs for an hour after the service. If you are a new believer, or have never taken such classes to grow, you will find this class to be extremely refreshing.


Leadership Class

The greatest challenge to fulfilling the Great Commission is the lack of trained Christian leaders. This need motivates us at ARC to raise and train credible and mature leaders who will carry the baton of spreading the Gospel to the nations of the world. Unless the leadership is trained to be effective in ministry, then neither will those who are following be able to demonstrate equal effectiveness. Leadership training is at the core of who we are at ARC International. When you join, you will be able to grow as we grow through the MLM Books by John Maxwell. This class runs every Sunday in the church, from 9.30am – 10.00am.


Deliverance Ministers Class

A newly introduced class in ARC International is the training of Deliverance Ministers. There is such a great need for true freedom in the Body of Christ, but a very limited number of Deliverance Ministers. At ARC International, Apostle Paul Williams does conduct these training sessions that will equip you to fulfil the great commission of the Lord Jesus, ‘…And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons…’ For anyone who is interested in becoming a miracle worker and being used by the Lord Jesus in setting His people free, these classes will prove an immense blessing and opportunity to serve Your Master. You may also obtain the classes via video lessons from the Church Office. God needs you to work miracles for His glory in this generation.


Sunday School Class

At ARC International, our Sunday School class provides an opportunity for our children to learn about our Savior Jesus Christ in an enjoyable and interactive atmosphere. The class teachers are friendly and an endearment to the children. If you have children of any age groups, 2-5, 5-8, or 8-12, you will find a wonderful atmosphere for them to grow through the Word of God in our church.


Wednesday Bible Study

Our Bible study sessions offer participants more in-depth analysis of God’s Word and practical applications to life issues, enabling people to grow spiritually. This is always a time to connect with other vibrant word enthusiasts as we delve deeper into the word to discover its treasures. It is also a great time to share your testimonies to strengthen other believers. What joy is released to us every time we come together!


Prophetic Class


One of the greatest needs of our generation is for true prophets who resonate the heart of God the Father into the lives of men and women who are in and outside of the church. ARC international takes this need very seriously. Introduced in 2015, this class has this far been instrumental in raising such credible voices to speak for the Lord in this generation. In this class, you will get to know whether you are called as a prophet and also how to receive and release accurate prophetic words without suffering the risk of being ridiculed or branded as a false prophet. You will also learn all the Protocols that go with the prophetic ministry.


Apostle Paul Williams is a trained and anointed vessel by God, and other mentors to train others to be mature, respectable and fruitful prophets. Students meet on the Second and Fourth Saturdays for class and graduate after every 6 months. These classes include prophetic activation sessions where students practice what they have been learning in class by prophesying to one another. Join this class today and become sharpened in your prophetic skills.




These weekly spiritual warfare sessions at Apostolic Revival Church dubbed COMBAT (meaning Commanders of Miracles Breakthroughs and Testimonies) have been a source of freedom for many as they engage themselves in personal prayer against the kingdom of darkness. Every Friday, the visionary of the house, Apostle Paul Williams teaches a sermon that exposes the works of the kingdom of darkness and how to overcome them. Thereafter, he engages the attendants in spiritual warfare as they reclaim what was taken away from them by the enemy.


Many people have testified of having obtained their breakthroughs during these sessions. Many have also for the first time been able to understand how the kingdom of darkness operates. Many have learned how to be bold in the face of powers of darkness during times of attack. Indeed, this is the equipping the Body of Christ needs in order that they may recover everything the kingdom of darkness took from them and establish the kingdom of God on the earth. By attending just one of these sessions, you will understand just how much change your life can take in a day. Every Friday: at 6pm.


Ps: A Google number of these sessions have been posted on YouTube by Apostle Paul A Williams. Just search him by name on the Tube and be treated to an array of the powerful videos that are changing many lives all over the the world. As a matter of fact, every year, several people have come into the country from the nations to take more prayers from the man of God.


Evangelism Saturday (The Love SQUAD)


Every week, willing vessels from ARC International gather together to fulfill the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus, ‘Go and preach the gospel to every creature…’. We have recorded scores of men and women who have come into the kingdom in this way and continue to do so. Basic training is offered to everyone who willingly offers his or her self for this important mission of the Lord Jesus.


We may also say that newcomers to this aspect of preaching the gospel have been wonderfully amazed as they preached for the first time and saw men turning to the Lord Jesus. The joy one receives from this is indescribable. Also, there is a certain level of glory that is only reserved for soul winners in heaven… ‘They that turn many to righteousness shall shine as the brightness of the firmament…’ You need to join THE LOVE SQUAD. Every Saturday: at 10am-12.30pm.


When you visit us at ARC, expect a firm handshake, a broad smile and a warm welcome. We love guests and count everyone who worships with us as important to us because they are important to the Lord Jesus. You are most welcomed to attend any of our services.