The following are some of the divinely orchestrated events and special years that have played a great role in shaping the Apostle to the servant of God he is today:
By the report of his own mother, when the Apostle was born in the year 1981, the missionary Christian doctors who helped her to deliver him came and asked her, ‘Mama, is this your child?’ To which she replied, ‘Yes he is.’ They were totally amazed. And again a second time they asked her, ‘Are you really sure that this is your child?’ A second time she said, ‘Yes!’ Worried that something would be wrong with the child, she asked them, ‘Is something wrong with the baby?’ But they responded with a, ‘No, no… (handing over the baby to her) just that this is a very large child [large, definition: exceeding that which is common to a kind or class; of greater than average scope, breadth, or capacity; comprehensive; important; significant]. He has a very great destiny.’ With that said, they quickly left her, talking among themselves. They could not believe that this humble looking mother was the mom of such a child. These things she kept and pondered in her heart, asking herself, ‘What manner of child is this whom God has given to me?’ And, ‘What did the doctors see about this child?’ For she perceived that they had prophetically spoken of the new born baby.
In the Apostle’s words: In the year 1989, the Lord Jesus appeared to me in a vision. In the spirit realm, I found myself standing before a man dressed in a white gown that flowed all the way to His feet. When I saw Him, I was too much intrigued by His person, for there seemed to be an enigmatic love field around Him that magnetized me to Him. [To date, I have never felt so much love as I have felt coming from the Lord]. As I stood there, my eyes transfixed on Him, and baffled by His gaze upon me, [for in that moment I knew that this man knows me very well], He beckoned to me with His hand to come to Him. Without hesitation I found myself moving towards Him. Intuitively, I recognized that this was the Master. When I got to the place where He was, He took a hold of my hand and we immediately disappeared from the earth and found ourselves walking in the streets of heaven. Never in my life had I seen such a beautiful place. It was too magnificent to behold. The Lord took me on a most astounding ‘first tour’ of heaven. Oh the beauty of the things that I saw! All this time the Lord never let go of my hand, and finally, He gave me a scroll on which was written my assignment on the earth. He instructed me to never drop it. And so, I returned to the earth to continue living my life, like any other child. I even forgot the divine vision for many years, and except for my family reminding me here and there, I wouldn’t have remembered!
Nothing spiritually eventful really happened during these middle years (after the vision), until the time when I turned eighteen years of age, except that I was a God loving teen with his own fair share of the troublesome teenage life.
In the Apostle’s words: In the year 1999, I gave My life to the Lord Jesus, and immediately He revealed to me that He had called me to be His Apostle. This was a secret I would keep to myself until God sent His prophet to identify me in this way before men (in the year 2007). 
In the Apostle’s words: In the next year, 2000, on April 28th, the Lord spoke to me and said, ‘I have chosen you to lead My people out of captivity.’
This was with regard to the deliverance ministry that would begin to bloom in the year 2007. The years spent in between were a season of intense divine preparations for the Apostle. He at once began a youth ministry (by the command of a prophet of God) that became a blessing to many young people, until he joined his next church where he would do even more work for the kingdom of God.
In the Apostle’s words: During this time, I also served as a youth leader and pastor and saw the hand of God saving many, having them filled with the Holy Ghost, and many transformed into faithful servants of the living God. I also served in basically every church department, learning how every ministry works. I saw the Lord move me from Teacher to Pastor to Evangelist to Prophet and finally to Apostle (as master builders of the House of God, it is a requirement of the apostle to understand how every ministry functions). Therefore, he (the called apostle) can command God’s people.
Again, in the year 2007, the Lord came down in a prophetic gathering to powerfully declare to His servant, ‘I am distinguishing you, and you will be distinguished!’ He also spoke many other promises which would be marvelously fulfilled in his life in the ensuing years. Some of them are still pending.
In the same year, God sent a prophet to speak to the Apostle concerning his call. The man of God said to him. ‘God has chosen you to serve Him as His apostle. With great fire, you will preach the gospel in this nation and among the nations of the world. You will  destroy the of witchcraft wherever you go. You will command respect among the servants of God, even in the city of Nairobi.’
In the Apostle’s words: In the year 2008 I had a vision of the rapture that will take place. In the vision, I saw that we were leaving the earth at a supersonic speed and moving through the heavens headed for Zion. I could see the moon behind us, and people in white clothing also speeding to heaven from every side. I saw that I was one of those who were right next to the Lord (there was no one between Him and I). The vision then ended.

Again, in the year 2008, the Apostle had a spectacular vision. In this vision, which was an enthronement ceremony, the Lord Jesus and the Holy Ghost appeared to the Apostle in the spirit at a set auditorium in which were set 3 thrones. The Holy Spirit sat on one of them, and in a few moments, the Lord Jesus appeared and commanded His servant to sit on the middle throne. Afraid, and not understanding the process, the Apostle declined to sit, to which the Lord spoke to him again and said, ‘Paul, I said, sit down.’ This time he sat and the Lord went back to heaven, also giving him further instructions in the vision. 
In the year 2010 at a prayer gathering, the Lord (in reference to the work that needed to be done and of His assignment to the man of God) spoke once more to the Apostle, ‘I have placed My world in your hands. You are My chosen Peter to lead My Church in this generation.’ 
In the year 2011, at the age of 30, the Lord began taking the Apostle on several trips into His Kingdom and revealed many things to him while there. On one of those trips, as the Apostle was in the presence of God, He spoke to him and said, ‘I have brought you here to open the scroll which I gave to you when you came into My presence at 8 years of age. It is time for you to begin doing the work I gave you.’ When the Apostle opened this scroll, he immediately began seeing visions of the things God would do through his life.
In the Apostle’s words: ‘I saw so much but the speed was too fast that I could not read everything from the long scroll that seemed as if it had been dipped in blood.’ The Lord then said to me, ‘Go back and finish the work which I gave you to do on the earth.’ 
Again, in the year 2011, the Lord revealed to His servant that the church He is establishing under him would be the leading church in the nation of Kenya. In the vision, the map of Kenya was presented, with the name of the church written within it and the number 1 also inscribed on it. The Lord also revealed to His servant that in His elevation of the church under him, the president and government officials will come to attend services in the sanctuary.
In the year 2012, the Lord through His servant spoke to the Apostle and said, ‘I have chosen you to lead My people back into My presence.’ At that time, the Lord spoke of Gihon (one of the rivers which flowed out of Eden as recorded in the the book of Genesis) and said to His servant, ‘Bring My people back to Gihon.’

Again, in the year 2012, the Lord showed His servant his portion of the work  that remains to be done in the world. In the astounding vision, the Lord showed His servant a pie chart that had almost half of the work shaded. In the selected area was the name of the church (what ARC was to do) and in the non selected area, the Lord said that was left to the rest of the ministers. As you can see in the pie chart below, unless there is great help to do the work of God, from able and anointed men, and kingdom financiers, the completion of this work will be delayed.






In 2013, the Apostle was in prayer when in a vision he saw the God-Head (Father, Son and Spirit) gathered around in a circle. When he listened closely, he discovered that they were speaking about him. In the Apostle’s words: They were asking each other: ‘Shall we give him the resources now?’ They said ‘It is time for him to begin doing the work in the city.’ And I saw that they joyfully agreed to do so. Shortly after that, I received all the money that was necessary to set up the church in the city.



In the year 2016, God began to open the doors of national media to the Apostle. Before all of this, the Lord had said this to him: I will give you influence all over the nation of Kenya.



In the month of February 2017, the Lord spoke through another Apostle to the Apostle Paul and said, ‘I will give you land on which to build the new church.’ He also spoke of giving His servant influence over the cities of the world and of divine provisions that He would bring so that the work can be done.


There are many things which the Lord has spoken and done to direct the Apostle into his destiny. Not all can be enlisted here, but these are written to show that the Lord has indeed held the hand of His servant and directed him throughout the years of his ministry. God is not yet done with His servant, for there are even greater exploits to be done for the kingdom. The story continues…