Apostle Paul Williams is the overseer of ARC International having served as a Pastor and Apostle with 2 other congregations [Between 2005-2008 and 2011-2013]. In between the 2 churches, the visionary of ARC took time to pray, prepare and reflect on the new assignments for which God was preparing him. Soon thereafter, in 2013, ARC was born.


Apostle’s journey in ministry started while he was 19 having been born again at the age of 18 and immediately called into ministry. That was the time when God, through a prophet whom He sent to him, called him into ministry. The Lord also spoke to His servant at the time saying, ‘I have chosen you to lead My people out of captivity’. Therefore, with just a group of 5 young people, he began to raise many youth to do God’s work. Within a couple of years, he was already working with thousands of young people from all over Central Province with many giving their lives to the Lord and settling to do His work. Indeed many have benefited from the grace of God that is operating on the man of God.


After 7 years of this initial call to ministry, the Lord spoke to Apostle Williams about the Apostolic Office to which He has called him to serve. The Lord said to him, you have finished 7 years of my training. It is now time for you to begin to do the work for which I called you.’ He also gave the scripture in Acts 13 to the man of God. Again, in a vision, the Lord Jesus appeared to him, together with the Holy Spirit, and presided over his enthronement at an auditorium where 3 thrones were set. The Lord commanded him to sit on one of them while the Holy Ghost sat on the other, and with that commanded him to commence his service as an Apostle. This period also marked the beginning of his ministry as a healing and deliverance minister.


To date, thousands of people from all over the world have benefited from his ministry. Many have been set free as the Apostle has ministered in deliverance every week for a period of more than 10 years that have passed. Many miracles have taken place, with many healed and delivered from various kinds of illnesses. Notably, cripples, the deaf, partial blindness, those suffering from different cancers, arthritis, heart conditions, migraines, barrenness, madness, blood diseases, diabetes, High Blood Pressure, reproductive system diseases, fears, alcoholic and drug addictions, and many more sicknesses and bondages have been healed and delivered. Indeed we serve a great God. Many other souls have both found Jesus as Lord and Savior and taken many other life changes and transformations through the ministry of the man of God.


Besides this, the man of God has served God through the various channels of media with an extensive coverage all over the world. An estimated 5 million people have been blessed as the man of God has spoken God’s Word via the TV Channel (notably KTN TV, on the Tukuza Show), Facebook Channel, WhatsApp, YouTube Channel (Apostle Paul A Williams), and other social media networks. Apostle Paul Williams is a highly sought after deliverance minister with an outreach base that spans the nations of the world. Every week, in Apostolic Revival Church, he ministers to multitudes of people who come in for specialized deliverance sessions. Many spirits have come out of many, with many filled with the Holy Spirit and receiving an immediate manifestation of the ministries God has set in them. Indeed, to all who connect to ARC International, a revival of their lives is one of the most notable signs of the impact they have received through the ministration of the man of God.


Apostle Williams is also highly prophetic and has been used of God to speak prophetically to the nation of Kenya. His prophetic words concerning President Uhuru Kenyatta’s election and the re-election of the former US President are most notable of his prophecies. Through the prophetic word, he has also been instrumental in the hands of God to call the church in Kenya and others among the nations of the world back to repentance. As the Lord spoke to the man of God, he is a sent one by Him to minister to this generation under the Elijah anointing and to prepare the church for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Repentance and a return to righteous living are key stones in the message that is preached by the servant of God.


Additionally, the Apostle found favor before God, and from the year 2011 to date, he has taken numerous trips to both heaven and hell where he got to see the glories of the Kingdom of God, also meeting the Lord Jesus and being given his assignment from before God’s throne and also being shown the torments of the people who are presently languishing in hell. All this God has revealed to him so that he can be a bold witness of the Word of God and so that he can prepare the church and the unbelievers for the divine purposes over their lives on the earth.


Presently, the Apostle continues to preach the gospel and set captives free as he ministers at Apostolic Revival Church. He has trained and raised a couple of deliverance ministers and prophets who are being used of God in a mighty way. He has also written one book, ‘Demystifying the World of Dreams’, and is presently writing other books as well. The Apostle presently resides in Nairobi City.