The Prophetic Tunnel

Do any of these describe you?

* You have a prophetic word that God has called you to be a prophet.

* You have had dreams where you prophesied, or were spoken to of your calling as a prophet.

* You have had divine visitations where Jesus, angels and even God spoke to you of your calling as a prophet.

* You know you are a prophet but you are struggling in your prophetic ministry.

* You have made serious blunders in the course of your service to God in the prophetic.

* You desire to see more clearly in the Spirit and to properly discern the voice of God.

* You desire mentoring to be an excellent prophet with a long lasting prophetic ministry.

* You see visions of the works of angels, Jesus, evil spirits, what heaven is doing, and hear God speaking to you many times.

* You are stuck with many divine experiences and revelations and have been wondering what you can do to go a notch higher.

* You are not called as a prophet, but you wish to know how to hear God’s voice, operate in divine visions and gain more understanding of the prophetic ministry

If you fall in any of the categories above (plus anything), it is time for you to be serious with the prophetic grace given to you. You need a join the Prophetic Tunnel.

What is the Prophetic Tunnel?

The Prophetic Tunnel is the realm in the Spirit where every prophet is found, trained and released into ministry by the Spirit of God.

This Tunnel started with the first prophet and will end with the last prophet. Every prophet is found within this tunnel in his or her generation. If you are a present day prophet (or are called into this ministry) you are presently in this tunnel.

The Prophetic Tunnel is all about mentoring and maturing those who have been called to serve God in the prophetic ministry, or a particular prophetic grace.

This class that began in 2016 has transformed many prophetic people and brought them into greater graces and fuller manifestations of their callings.

With this class, you will be able to:

* See more clearly in the Spirit.

* Grow your ability to discern God’s voice

* Unlock new graces you didn’t know existed in you or were available to you

* Prophesy with greater accuracy and maturity

* Powerfully operate into the miraculous

* Access your destiny as a prophet with greater speed

* Pray with greater authority and outstanding results

* Avoid the many pitfalls that have prematurely ended the ministries of would be great prophets

* Discover how to maintain a character that would be well pleasing to God

* Move spiritually (your spirit man) as the prophets Enoch, Elijah, Isaiah, Ezekiel and others

* Rise up as a prophetic authority in your divinely ordained sphere

* Maintain righteousness and integrity in the face of rising fame as a prophet

* Become and remain an authentic voice that is respected by generations

* Break off the powers that either limit or terminate your prophetic flow (what hinders called prophets?)

* Finally understand your long time questions regarding the prophetic ministry and experiences

* Properly receive and deliver prophetic messages

* Gain a deeper understanding of the different levels and graces of the prophetic

* Understand your prophetic type (there are different types of prophets)

* False prophets and how to discern them

* The prophetic and his intercession (how to be consistent and powerful in prayer)

* How to correctly pass received prophetic messages to different people groupings (corporate, churches, government officials, spiritual authorities, family members, non-believers)

* Deal with general misconceptions about the realm of prophecy

* How to correctly use your tongue to command situations and release dumbfounding miracles

* A fine-tuned understanding of your personal prophetic destiny

* How to test prophets and prophecies

* How to properly use prophetic symbols (oil, objects, gestures etc) to pass on prophetic messages and release the power of God

* Angels – a mind blowing understanding of their different classes, their assignments and tongues, and how to work with them to enhance your prophetic ministry

* Plus much more…

How to get started:

To begin this exciting journey into manifesting the fulness of your prophetic calling with Apostle Paul A Williams, contact us via any of these channels.

Call the Office Secretary +254799836415

Email us at:

Use the contact links on our website:

Prophetic Classes are presently ongoing (Every Tuesday from 6.30-8pm at ARC INTERNATIONAL, Kilimani, Bald Wini Road, off Kilimani Road, and Opposite St Hannah’s Preparatory School)

The classes take place once a week and continue for one year before graduation coupled with an anointing service to impart greater grace and authority in the prophetic over the students

Online classes will begin in April 2019.

The classes run for 3 semesters. Each semester has a total of 12 classes with a one month break. The charges per semester are 60 dollars (Ksh. 6,000) with optional piece-meal payments.

You may join the class at any point.

Through this class:

* You will gain an understanding of the prophetic as never before.

* You will become a spiritual giant who is able to teach and mentor other upcoming prophets as well

* You will be able to fully execute your prophetic mandate

* You will be fully experienced in all of the class topics mentioned above

Join today. We are waiting to hear from you! Call or email us at the addresses provided above.

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