This is an online 21-day [6am to 6pm] fast designed for those who desire their 2019 to be greater than any other year they have lived before. It is a fast for those who are ready to fast-forward the answers to the prayers they have been bringing before heaven. It is a fast for those who desire to be divinely transformed for greater works of kingdom service in 2019. I have now led these annual prayers since the year 2007, thereby making this the 13th consecutive year of the fast. The fast starts on January 11th 2019.


Many great testimonies and changed lives have come forth from this fast, both physically and spiritually, and this year you have the chance to be one of them. You should not leave your year to chance, but should be able to commit it to God. It says in the Word, ‘In the beginning, God…’ so whenever you start something new, you should be able to commit it to God. This is an excellent way of starting your 2019 – in prayer.


All the prayer points for each day will be shared individually to help you to pray effective prayers that will bring to your life the change you desire to see in your 2019. I will post the prayer points on this page and on the MY 2019 MUST SHINE Facebook group. Do search for it on the FB search bar and ask to be added to it.


Members will be required to spend the whole day in fasting and break the fast at 6pm, and, to spend at least one hour in prayer daily. You may drink water during the period of the daily fast.


The regular time to break the fast will remain to be 6pm (except for those who prefer to have it otherwise because of their schedule). You may ask your friends to join and you may post on the group wall as often as you wish, for prayer support and otherwise. You may personally define what you will eat or drink as you break the fast and resume back to your fasting on the next day.


I (Apostle Paul Williams) will be praying for and coaching everyone in the group on every single day of the fast. Surely, YOUR 2019 MUST SHINE, in Jesus name!!! Join the Facebook group and wait for the prayer points on 10th January, 8pm (East African Time).


It’s time to PRAY!


Apostle Paul A Williams


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