Crossover Night

The turning over to a new year is always an important time. Besides it being a new beginning, it is also a time to capture the gates of the new season and of determining what heaven will do for you in the new year. And, what a year 2018 has been!

This crossover celebration, we are blessed to have a new location to celebrate the new year. Do join us as I prophetically speak with you what God has said to me about the year 2019, and as we allow God to prophetically speak individually to us by Prophet Don, and as we receive the blessings and power touch of God for 2019.

Certainly, it is not a time to take for granted. If you want to have a significant 2019, this is the place you want to be. Hey its your time to thank God for your 2018 and also celebrate His new doings in your life in 2019. Bring your friends and family along. I saw it! This is a service which will be filled with God’s glory!!!

Transport will be provided at 8.30pm from town. Call these numbers for further directions and details: Levi (Church Office) 0799836415 and Amos (Transport Manager) 0790263163.

~Apostle Paul A Williams