L’shana Tova beloved! Happy New Year 5779!

Today is Rosh Hashanah, also known as the ‘Head of the Year’ or ‘the beginning’, and the Feast of Trumpets (Yom Teruah) for the Jews! It is a festival which lasts for two days and will be running from sundown on September 9 to sundown on September 11 this year. The reason why it lasts for 2 days is because during this feast ‘no one knows the day or the hour’ of the sighting of the moon.


The sighting may happen on the first day of the feast, or on the last day. Once the moon has been sighted by two witnesses (because it is a moon festival), the shofar will be blown from the temple, and the Festival may begin. “Blow the shofar on the concealed, hidden moon on the festival day…” (Psalm 81:3 Hebrew Translation). The Israelites were commanded to gather once a year to blow the shofar and prepare for a mysterious event that would ensue. What would be the mystery? They don’t know, for God would do so many new things upon the earth, but ultimately the mystery points to the appearance of the Christ to the Jewish nation!


There are differences as to how many times the trumpet is blown during the feast days, but in most Israeli communities, the shofar is blown for a total of 100 times, with the last trump being the longest and considered a prophetic sound of victory. “The LORD said to Moses, “Say to the Israelites: ‘On the first day of the seventh month you are to have a day of sabbath rest, a sacred assembly commemorated with trumpet blasts. Do no regular work, but present a food offering to the LORD” (Leviticus 23:23-25) This blowing of trumpets, is a sending of the Spirit of God to all the corners of the world, and this Feast of Trumpets is a feast of blowing the alarm. God is about to do something new on the earth!


You may have it in your knowledge that yesterday (9th September) an asteroid about the size of a 3-storey building (71 metres) passed dangerously close to the earth (about 136,000 miles, which is half the distance to the moon) just as we were coming to the new year – a sign that God is blowing the alarm to the world. This asteroid is so large that it was discovered a week before it passed by! Most of them can only be seen after they have passed. Hey, it is time to wake up and listen to God’s voice regarding repentance!


In God’s Kingdom (which you are a part of if you are born again), today is the beginning of the year! The Lord, who gave His calendar (pre-existent before the nation of Israel) to the Jews, instructed them to have their feasts at certain times. These would be special times when God sends His angels to the earth, to effect the new kingdom decrees upon the earth! This date (today) is also counted to be the birthday of Adam, and also believed by many Bible scholars to be the true birthday of the Lord Jesus!


Hey, do you remember the angels who appeared singing at the birth of Christ [mostly depicted with trumpets]?


Now, I would like to speak with you [as the Lord has given it to me] the prophetic word concerning what is coming to the world [and the church] in the Jewish Year 5779:

  • In this New Year, God is calling us back to the foundations. This is a year when God is speaking to the world and calling us back to repentance. There will be birth pangs upon the earth as God begins to deal with the nations about coming back to Him. I saw signs which will appear in the heavens to remind men about fearing and honoring God. On the earth as well, there will be calamities and economic breakdowns which will compel the nations to seek the Lord once again. As a result of this, there will be new breakouts of revival upon the earth!


  • In this year 5779, God sent me to tell you that will give birth to your destiny. There will be pain, but in the midst of the pain there shall be goodness and many of God’s people will begin walking in their great destinies [as known to them by the prophetic revelation]. God has kept you in the hiding place, but now He will reveal you to the world!


  • 5779, begins a new season of intensified angelic visitations upon the earth. This is because we have entered a new season when heaven is birthing certain divine purposes on the earth. On the flip side, I saw that the kingdom of darkness will also increase their assaults on humanity and the church of Jesus Christ. This is because the Devil already knows that his remaining time is very short. The divine horse-riders as detailed in the book of Revelation and also in the book of Zechariah will increase their movements on the earth. Because of this, there will be much turmoil among the nations and a change of guards in certain nations whose ‘time has come’.


  • Beginning with this new season, the Lord will begin to display His great power to vanquish the enemies of His people, for even as the Rod of Moses swallowed the rods of the Egyptian magicians, even so the Rod (scepter of authority) of God will swallow the works of witchcraft in many places worldwide. Be prepared, for the works of witchcraft in your family will be come under swift divine judgment, and it shall be that those who brought you to terror shall be no more. This is the year when God is empowering you to crush the head of the serpent!


  • In this New Year, God says to you, ‘I am your God; walk humbly before Me; lean on Me and not on your own strength, and I will spare you from the hour of trial which is coming upon the whole world.’ This is a year when God is asking His children to realign themselves to His plan for their lives. Do not lean on your own understanding, but seek the Lord! In 5779, the Lord will put a distinction between the wicked and the righteous, for the books will be opened (yes, even now during this next 10 Days of Awe, the books are opened, and on Yom Kippur which happens on September 19 this year, the things written will be sealed) and every one shall receive according to their due reward.


  • A couple of years ago, the Lord opened my ears and I heard a loud sound as of a door being closed in the heavens. After that I heard a voice speak and say, ‘Judgment is set!’ These things were happening on the same day of Yom Kippur. I began to understand that the Jewish observation that the whole of humanity is made to pass before the courts of heaven once every year(during the 10 Days of Awe) for judgment regarding what will happen in their next one year, is actually very serious! Why, God confirmed it to me! I have since taken this season with the kind of seriousness it deserves.


  • In this brand new year, fence sitters will find it hard to keep following the Lord. Why? Because tough times are coming upon the earth. And, because the Devil will increase his deceptions upon the earth in order that he may lead many astray. This is a year to remain by the Word, to seek the truth and to grow your faith, because as many are lost, even so others will begin to work exploits for the sake of God’s kingdom. This next one year will see an increase of persecution on the church by many governments around the world.


  • In this year 5779, miracle workers will be on the increase. I saw greater glory coming upon the church to flow in the miraculous. Some of you who have not been considered as ‘miracle workers’ before will suddenly be counted among the number.


  • In this next one year there will be an assassination of a prominent world leader. This will send shock waves across the world, but it will only be happening because the Lord is hastening His works upon the earth. This is a time to set your focus on God, because we are drawing near to the time of the end.


  • This year, God says to become friends with Him once again. For the Lord says, ‘Stay in agreement with My Word. Seek My face. Remain in My presence and be renewed in the spirit of your mind that you may discern what is My will for you in this hour.’ For many of you, as you step into this new year, God says, ‘I am  making all things new.’ The Lord also gives you this verse: Is. 43:18  “Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Is. 43:19  Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Suddenly there will be new things in your life, yes, even what you never expected. What God is saying to you is: FORGET THE PAST!


  • For many of you, the Lord says begin to expect: for beginning from today, many shall have debt cancellation, and many shall come into total restoration of what was stolen from them in the previous seasons of their lives. To many of you who have been struggling to find out what is their next step, prophetic insight and revelation shall be given. We have entered a season when many of you will be accelerated into your places of destiny.


  • In this brand new year, there will be a new level of power released on the Body of Christ. Unusual miracles will be on the rise as new servants, Apostle and Prophets, will be unveiled on the world stage. Watch as the manifestation of the supernatural goes on the increase. Because of this, there will be a great harvest of souls into the kingdom of God.


  • 5779 is the year when God is calling you to leave your comfort zone. The Lord is calling His church to walk ‘circumspectly, and not as fools’ being aware of everything that is happening around you, and making wise moves. To those who will choose to go the extra mile with God in this New Year, there will be a new level of authority and anointing which will be indisputable. ‘You will strike the head of the serpent, says the Lord!’ Do not be slack nor lazy in doing the work of God [nor in prayer] for God says to you, in this same year for there shall be a sure reward.


  • I saw many people moving from one dimension to another. If you remain faithful, God will skip protocols to elevate you! Even as it was in the case Joseph, and David, the least likely shall suddenly become great. This the Lord shall do with many, as He said to me, ‘That My great power may be known upon the earth. I am He who both lifts up and brings down and I do as I please among the affairs of men.’


  • To many of you, God will change your names. For suddenly you will be known by another identity, which the Spirit of God will give you. To those who love God, this shall be a great year to enjoy divine fruitfulness and multiplication, but to those who pursue wickedness, the Lord shall multiply sorrows. Remain on the right side of God.


Above all things, this is a year of prayer. Seek the Lord as you have never done before, because there are great things that are waiting to be birthed upon the earth. You can only do this from your prayer chamber!


We are now also in the period known as 10 Days of Awe, and like I said before, the books of heaven are opened for examination and determination. According to their deeds of the previous one year, everyone will be rewarded. In 10 Days, judgment will be set – and execution of the things determined – will begin. I know that you desire a blessed new year 5779/2019. In that case, set yourself to seek the Lord, forgive those who have hurt you of their debts of sin (and other things too, if you can). Realign yourself back with God. If you can join the fast which is going on known as ‘I AM SHIFTING LEVELS’ which I am leading, and has been going on for the past 12 days, do join in (details are on this same site). Some significant shift is about to manifest in your life and you will enter what you will come to know as your best days yet.


September 18th Sundown to September 19th Sundown will be Yom Kippur. The Lord said to me that this is a period when He wants us to celebrate, because Jesus has already become our High Priest whose blood speaks in our behalf in the heavenly places. He has won the victory for us! It is a day of praise and celebration. Remember to do that as well!


Hey, welcome to 5779, a year when God will work many wonders upon the face of the earth. My prayer for you is that you will be SEALED FOR A GREAT NEW YEAR! L’SHANA TOVA!


PS: Don’t forget to play and listen to the audio of the trumpet sounds signifying the feast of trumpets provided on this page. God required the Israelites to listen to the sound of the shofar at such a time as this. May the power of the Holy Spirit come upon your life as you listen, in Jesus name!


You are blessed!


Apostle Paul A Williams

General Overseer,

Apostolic Revival Church International,

Nairobi, Kenya


You can also find me on:

Facebook: Apostle Paul A Williams, Instagram: @theblessedapostlewilliams, YouTube: Apostle Paul A Williams, Twitter: ApostleAPaul





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