Prophetic Word for 2018: the Year of Breaking Through!


Blessings to you beloved! And, what a wonderful new season God has brought us into! Let me speak with you the prophetic word God gave me for 2018.


The Lord spoke to me and said ‘2018 will be a year of multiple breakthroughs for My people.’


Those of you who have been held back in the cages and limitations of the enemy will suddenly break out and be found in the place of destiny in the year 2018.


This year, God says, ‘I have gone ahead of you, My children. Do not fear, for I desire to do great things in your lives. No longer will you, My people, be ashamed, but I the Lord will arise and reveal My glory in your lives. Good things are ahead of you My children.’


‘Abide in My presence, for in it you will find your shadow and your protection. There will be much turmoil in the world, for My judgments will be upon the nations which do not fear Me, the LORD, but unto you My people shall be mercy. Walk in My ways My children, seek My face, and I will spare you from the hour of trial which is coming to the world. I, the Lord, I am your salvation, and I will save all those who put their trust in Me.’


I saw tough financial times coming to America, physical disasters coming, floods and the like for the Lord will shake the nation to remind them that He is God. This will happen because ‘they have forgotten Me’ says the Lord. I saw also tough times for Israel, for again the nation will be shaken, but ‘it shall be well for them’ says the Spirit of the Living God.


2018 is the year God wants to comfort you for all you went through in 2017, and to increase your greatness on every side.


2018 is your year to let the Lord go before you. Many things that have not been working out will begin to work out as you invite Him to lead you. In 2018, do not make any move without God’s direction. In light of this, God gave me this verse for you: Isa 45:1  Thus says the LORD to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I have grasped, to subdue nations before him and to loose the belts of kings, to open doors before him that gates may not be closed: “I will go before you and level the exalted places, I will break in pieces the doors of bronze and cut through the bars of iron, I will give you the treasures of darkness and the hoards in secret places, that you may know that it is I, the LORD, the God of Israel, who call you by your name.


The Lord said 2018 is the year when He will turn the impossibilities in your life into possibilities. No mountain will be able to withstand you, but God will turn you into a sharp threshing instrument to beat them down and small from before you.


The Lord said to me, ‘I will do great things for you if you will eliminate fear from your lives.’ This is your year to surprise your friends and shock your enemies.


God said to tell you to ‘remain in the attitude and atmosphere of praise and worship’ in 2018, because there are no chains which will hold you back while you are in His presence. Just as Paul and Silas had a divine jail-break in Acts 16, in 2018, there will be a break out of satanic limitations by many of God’s people. You are one of these people.


The LORD gave me Ps. 2:8 for you, for in it God says ‘ask Me of the nations for your inheritance and the ends of the earth for your possessions.’ The Lord said to tell you, ‘I am ready to give you what you ask of Me, My children.’ This is the year for you to remain in prayer child of God, for it is only to the prayerful that there will be the manifestation of the power of God.


In 2018, God says, ‘expand your vision’. Break through on the inside. Lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes, because God wants you to break through on every side.


God said to me 2018 will be known as the year of ‘major breakthroughs’ – because you will break into: your destiny, your marriage, your job, your ministry, your millionaire status… and much more. If there is any area of your life in which you have been waiting on God for breakthroughs, 2018 is that year.


The Lord also said to me that 2018 is the year of ‘New Beginnings’ – new things are coming your way child of God: new jobs, new cars, new houses, new divine connections, new open doors, new businesses, new anointing, new blessings, new spiritual gifts, and much more.


In 2018, God will increase His signs and wonders on the earth – miracle workers will be on the rise, soul winners will multiply, and God’s miracles will be on the increase in your life. In this year, you will see the power of God in a way you have never seen it before. Get ready to be transformed into a miracle worker.


The Lord also said to me that 2018 shall be known as the year of ‘The Double Blessing’. Hey, get ready for God’s goodness to pass before you in this year. To those of you who saw much trouble in 2017, if you will have faith in God, you will not carry it again in this 2018.


Beloved, this year is also your year of ‘experiencing divine fame for all the shame you had to go through in 2017’. In 2018, you will carry the blessing no one else has carried in your family. Many of you will carry the kind of blessing that will make you envied by everyone around you. Now I am telling you; then you will tell me.


The Lord asked me to command you about this year. He said, He is calling you to ‘show greater commitment’ to Him. This is your year to go the extra mile. It is your year to sacrifice many things for the sake of the kingdom. Sacrifice your time, your finances, your hours of the night, your comfort and food, that you may do the will of God.


Again in 2018, God said to me there shall be ‘divine remembrance for divine rewards’. Many of you who were faithful to God but received nothing, will receive your due compensation in 2018. You did not get tired in your service to God in 2017, and now God will remember you.


The Lord also said 2018 shall be the year of ‘open doors’. For God will open doors for you in places you never expected. And He said to tell you about these new open doors, ‘they will never be shut’. For the door which God opens no man and no devil can shut. Hey, in this season of prayer, the keys of 2018 are being placed in your hand. I saw many keys released in the vision, and God said to tell you His people, ‘receive them’. Receive your keys of a prosperous 2018, in Jesus name!!!


Now, beginning tomorrow (10th January 2018), the 21 days of MY 2018 MUST SHINE prayer program will be beginning. All the prayer points for the same will be posted on the Facebook Group by the name ‘MY 2018 MUST SHINE’. Join it here:


I am set to, by the direction of the Lord, lead you into a period of seeking the Lord for the sake of the things He desires to do in your individual lives, and in your family, church, city and nation. By all means, you should not miss this season of prayer which has changed thousands of lives around the world for the 11 years it has now been running. This is the 12th consecutive year of the twice a year program which by God’s grace I have overseen in the lives of His people. This year, there will be uncommon testimonies in your lives during and after the fast. Pray fervently so God will arise in your life and family. Don’t just pray, but I repeat it: PRAY FERVENTLY. For it is only fervent prayers which avail much results. Do not be weakly in this year!


More grace to you and I am looking forward to posting the prayer points for tomorrow on the FB group tonight. Stay connected and have a most blessed and favored 2018!


Apostle Paul A Williams

Apostolic Revival Church International

Mfangano Trade Center, 3rd Floor, Mfangano Street

Nairobi, Kenya.

Email me at: (if you need prayers, or have any enquiries)

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