Congratulations on finishing this season of 21 days of prayer and fasting beloved! What an awesome time of seeking the Lord we have had! HEY, YOU ARE A VICTOR AND AN OVERCOMER!!! I am certain that you have grown in your faith, you have become strengthened in the Lord, you have become more disciplined in your prayer life and you have learned how to wait on God and listen to Him. And now I declare to each one of you: your life shall never remain the same.


The God whom you have faithfully sought these 21 days has seen your labor and sacrifice, prayer and tears, and He is faithful to answer you. In the next couple of days, weeks and months, many new things will begin to manifest in your life even as God moves to grant your requests. Do not mistake these things for random happenings, but rather remember that it is God answering and fulfilling in your life concerning the things you asked Him for. Indeed, I am certain that now is your time to be transformed into a sign and a wonder. It is your time to be elevated. It is your time to be vindicated and it is your time to be ushered into the greatness of your destiny. I will say it again: your life shall never remain the same again.


Personally, I am glad to have been used of God to direct you in prayer during this important season in the kingdom of God. It is indeed a period of a new year, a new season, and a new beginning. As you have heard it from me, the Jewish New Year 5778 began on the 20th of September, and was succeeded by the 10 days of Awe and finally Yom Kippur, which happened yesterday. These are high holidays during which there is much angelic activity on the earth, even as the Father establishes His purposes in the world. You have been privileged to be in prayer during this season. Indeed, only the dispensation in the kingdom above will reveal the full extent of the impact of your prayers. The courses of the destinies of families, churches, individuals, cities and nations have been changed because you took time to seek the face of the Lord. You have been God’s champion!


Indeed, your very own life will never remain the same. Many of you have taken victories in your dream lives, you have overcome addictions that plagued your life. The yoke and bondage of sin has been broken from your lives, you have received fresh impetus and fresh anointing to serve God, you have heard God’s voice and received divine directions concerning the next steps you must make into your destinies. You have learned to be resilient and focused in prayer. You have put a smile on the face of the Master and the Father each time you went down on your knees to seek His face. Indeed, your very own life has taken transformations of divine proportions.


Right now, the season of answers to your prayers has begun. I want you to be watchful and take note as God fulfils your requests one by one. I also want you to take time and share here [on this page] as the months go by, of the great things which God will be doing in your lives. Indeed, I decree it: you will have so much to testify about. Even now, your testimonies have already begun. Do not be shy, but speak and let others know of what God is doing in your life. On my part, I am still your prayer coach, and certainly I have many more things lined up for you even as we move into the next days and months. I will continue to guide you into being even greater prayer warriors. Yes, your prayer life will shake the nations of the earth, destroy the works of the kingdom of darkness, and bring down God’s kingdom to the earth. There is no relenting, there is no slowing down and there is no wasting of any more time. We can only fire up the more! Can you say AMEN to that???


Now, here is the Word God gave me for you out of this season of prayer [on September 29th]. Read it carefully and follow according to God’s direction. Shalom, you are blessed!


Apostle Paul Williams

Your Destiny Helper


I want to begin by saying, as I meditated upon the Lord [on the day of Yom Kippur, 29th], I went into the vision and I began to see so many things that were being written about those of you who have been fasting together with the other MY DESTINY MUST MANIFEST fastees. I saw that everyone had many things that were being written about them. It was being done so fast I could barely read what heaven was writing. But I perceived that these were good things which would begin manifesting immediately after the period of this fasting. Mark anyone who has taken part in this fast, who yet remains steadfast with the Lord. There will be major signs and wonders in their lives.


As I beheld these things, the Lord then began speaking this word to me:


My son, speak to My children and tell them: I have heard your prayers, every one of you: and now I am coming to display My power in your lives. I, your God, I am a faithful God. I am coming to answer every one of you. I call you My blessed and My favored ones. You have persisted to the end, and now you are overcomers.


My children, I love you, every one of you. I have seen your tears, and now I am coming. Those who fought against you will be ashamed. For I will clothe you with My power. You are My chosen ones to do My work. Behold, I am sending My Spirit into your lives. You will walk in My power and slash the kingdom of darkness. For My anointing is even now upon you and will remain upon you. Do not fear, but rise and do My work.


Victory! The victory is yours! You are My chosen vessels to speak My word to this generation, and I will use You to bring My glory down to the earth. The enemy is afraid of you, but he can do nothing, for My power is resting upon your lives. I, your God, call you ‘My warriors’, for you will fight my battles and I will give you the victory.


Good things are ahead of you. For I, the Lord, delight in revealing My goodness to those who seek My face. Behold, I pour out My blessings upon you, more than you can contain. For even as I said to My friend Abraham, even so I say to you: I will bless you and make you a blessing to the nations of the earth. Raise your hands unto Me and receive My answers to your prayers.


To My servants, those whom I have called to do My work, do not be still. Arise and do the work I have appointed you to do. And now behold, I the Lord, I am extending your boundaries. I will use you to display My glory even to the ends of the earth. Today, I give you dominion over the principalities and the powers of darkness. You will slash them and be victorious over them. My servants, you are unstoppable! For I the Lord, I am with you to establish your goings.


Call upon Me for the sake of My people and I will move in My power. The time is now when the nations of the earth must know Me, the Living God. For the time is short and I am coming to judge those who dwell upon the earth. Speak My truth unto them! Speak and do not be afraid, for My truth will bring them unto freedom. I the Lord, desire that all will come to know Me, therefore, do not be silent, for this is My purpose for you, that you may go and declare My glory to the nations of the earth. I separated you unto Myself and have made you My vessels of glory.


My children, even as they do not light a lamp and hide it under a table, even so I have called you to arise. Arise and take My glory to the nation of the earth. I have given to you My Spirit. He will always be with you and He will guide you as you do My work. I have also sent My angels before you. They will prepare your paths into the destiny I have for you; for I the Lord bring you into glorious destinies. I will make you the envy of the nations of the earth. For everywhere you go, they will see My goodness and My love which I pour upon your lives. I, the Lord, I will never leave you nor forsake you, but I will be with you even to the end of time.


To those of you who have cried to Me concerning your families, I have heard your prayers. I will preserve them and I will bring back unto Myself those who wandered away, for I the Lord love you, and for your sake I will not allow the wicked one to destroy them. Yes, I will bring them back to Myself. One by one, they are coming back to Me. Rejoice My children. Rejoice, for My time to remember your families has come. I will restore love and unity in your families and will cause you to worship Me together. And now, I send you forth. Go and speak to them. Speak to your loved ones. Tell them to come back to Me, for I am a merciful God and I will heal them and show them My salvation.


My children, it is well with you. Do not leave My presence, but remain in your prayer chambers. Continue seeking My face, for I have much more to reveal to you. I will expose those who are fighting against you and cut them off from your lives. For I am a just God and I hate wickedness upon the earth. Pray to Me for your nations, for tough times are ahead, but to those who call unto Me I will show My salvation. Kenya, My beloved, call unto Me, for I desire to do great things for you, but many of you are asleep. I said in My word that I am looking for one person to stand in the gap and cry unto Me for the land. If you, My intercessors will rise, I will save your nation and restore to you peace and unity. For I the Lord love you, Kenya, and I will not allow the enemy to destroy you.


To the rest of you [among the nations] I say this: I have appointed you as my intercessors. If you will continue seeking My face as you have, I will make you My chosen vessels to bring down my glory to your nations. I am God with whom nothing is impossible. If you will believe, I will turn even those wicked men who trouble your nations back unto Myself. Receive My strength My children, and do not be weak in prayer. If you will yet seek My face, I will show forth My power in your midst, says the Lord of hosts.



The Lord also gave me several scriptures for you:

Kindly find them further below and meditate on them…


I would finally want to put you to remembrance: after doing all things [prayer, fasting, using the prayer points, crying to God], you must not forget to do that which seals all the things you have been praying for. I have taught you how to pray and what to pray for [through the Holy Ghost] and through the same Spirit I have also taught you to raise a sacrifice to accompany your prayers. Do not take this for granted. Because your sacrifice is what obtains favor for you before heaven that you may find an audience. Your sacrifice is what opens the portals of the spirit realm that angels may begin to move in your behalf.


Remember that every powerful man who has obtained a response from heaven in the Word worked by this secret. Abraham raised the altar of his son [as good as dead when he almost killed him] and the angel appeared; Moses and Aaron were always offering the tabernacle sacrifices and had much angelic activity; Solomon and David both offered much sacrifices and God responded favorably to their prayers; Cornelius was a giver who had angelic activity when he prayed and fasted [given directions for his family’s salvation]. Even Jesus has audience before the Father because of the sacrifice He offered of His own life. To date the blood speak for Him and for us before the throne of God. We are accepted because of a sacrifice!


Therefore, take wisdom and if you have not yet released your sacrifice to this altar, go ahead and do it. By so doing, you will unlock the heavenly places that there may be the speedy release of many of the answers to the prayers you have made. Assuredly, there will a demonstration of power and an increase of angelic activity in your life.


Once again, you may send your sacrifice in any of these ways:


For Those In The International Arena, You Can Send Your Sacrifice/Offering To Apostolic Revival Ministries International, By Clicking This Paypal Link:

If you do not have a PayPal account, it is easy to create one. Simply go to to find out the details.

You can also ask for the MoneyGram/Western Union details via


For those who are in Kenya, you can send via this MPESA number: 0705-236345




You can attend any one of the services at ARC International and remit your sacrifice in person.





Isaiah 54 (read the whole chapter)


Dan 12:3 Those who manifest wisdom will shine like the brightness of the expanse of heaven, and those who turn many to righteousness will shine like the stars for ever and ever.


Isa 45:17 But Israel will be saved by the LORD with everlasting salvation; you won’t be put to shame or disgraced ever again.”


Isa 45:19  I have not spoken in secret, in a dark place of the earth; I said not unto the seed of Jacob, Seek me in vain: I am Jehovah, speaking righteousness, declaring things which are right


Jas 5:16  Therefore, make it your habit to confess your sins to one another and to pray for one another, so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.


Joe 2:23 And so be glad, children of Zion, and rejoice in the LORD your God, because he has given you the right amount of early rain, and he will cause the rain to fall for you, both the early rain and the later rain as before.

Joe 2:24 The threshing floors will be smothered in grain, and the vats will overflow with wine and oil.

Joe 2:25  “Then I will restore to you the years that the locust swarm devoured, as did the young locust, the other locusts, and the ravaging locust, that great army of mine that I sent among you.

Joe 2:26 You will have plenty to eat, and will be fully satisfied. You will praise the name of the LORD your God, who has performed wonders specifically for you. And my people will never be ashamed.

Joe 2:27 As a result, you will know that I am in the midst of Israel; that I myself am the LORD your God—and there is none other! And my people will never be ashamed.”


Mat 28:18  Then Jesus came up and told them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.

Mat 28:19  Therefore, as you go, disciple people in all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit,

Mat 28:20  teaching them to obey everything that I’ve commanded you. And remember, I am with you each and every day until the end of the age.”



Shalom, and blessings,

Apostle Paul Williams


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