Shalom beloved. If you are like most people, you are trusting God for a better life. There are many things which are going well for you, but there is something which is still missing. Maybe it is your marriage –  you are waiting for it; or, you need physical healing in your body; maybe you are in debts, and want freedom from them; or you want your family to be born again; maybe you are trusting God for a job, or a better one; or you desire freedom from some certain bondage or sin or torment; maybe you are stuck in life and desire progress; or you need your spiritual life to come back alive; maybe you are fighting family battles against witchcraft, or tragedies; maybe you desire to launch your career, or business or music ministry; maybe you have battles in your marriage which must end; or you desire to have a child. It could well be a couple of other areas of concern in your life…


I want to coach you in prayer for the next 21 days, beginning on Sunday 10th September to Saturday 30th September, with specialized prayer points for you to see the manifestation of these things in your life. I want you to know that God wants to change your destiny, but He also needs you to be in the place of prayer. This prayer is the birthplace of the miracles of God in your life. I am therefore inviting you to join in this season of prayer as we – like Daniel – seek the face of God, and battle the forces of darkness until the promises of God are manifested in our lives. If you are not yet satisfied with how your 2017 has turned so far, this is your time to redeem the year – by fervently seeking the Lord for a turnaround. A time of fasting is a time to fast-forward the manifestation of the promises of God in your life.


I can see you living a better life, having greater joy, experiencing greater freedom and a more fulfilled destiny out of this fast. Therefore, invite your family and friends to join in. Settle it in your heart to seek the Lord as never before. Cry out to heaven for a changed destiny. Surely, according to the Word in Jer. 33:3, God will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you have not known. With this fast is a window period of 4 hours to break your fast and have your meal. I always urge the fastees to keep the time regular. That means if you will be taking breakfast, keep it breakfast; if lunch, keep it lunch; and if dinner, keep it dinner. You may take water during the time of the fast; no juices, coffee or tea and such like except for pregnant women.


I will post the prayer points on the day prior to the beginning of the fast. Like I said, there will be specialized prayer points according to the different cases that are facing every one of us. Be of good cheer, God is about to move into your situation and make it better. Do remember to invite your friends and family to this time of prayer too. As God has shown it to me, many of your breakthroughs are right at the door. They just need that final push to manifest. Therefore, overturn that plate, beginning this Sunday and set yourself to seek the Lord. You will receive much more than you could ask or imagine.


Apostle Paul Williams

Apostolic Revival Church International

Mfangano Trade Center, Mfangano Street

Email: armi.intl@gmail.com/arci.kenya@gmail.com

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