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Jer. 5:25, 26 “Your iniquities have turned away these things, and your sins have withheld good from you. For among My people are found wicked ones; they lie in wait, as one who sets snares; they set a trap, they catch men.”


First, to define… what is a cage?

A cage is: a structure of bars (or wires or nets) in which birds or other animals are confined. Cages are meant to confine, or restrict movement.


Understand this: what you see in the physical also has a similar representation in the spiritual. Think about the wide possibilities [SMILE]. For example, there is a physical man, and there is a spiritual man. In the physical world, cages are meant for trapping birds and animals. They can also be used to confine them there. But we see here in the Word of God that cages are being used to trap, not animals, not birds, but MEN! Yes, all this is possible in the spirit realm. One can be bound within a spiritual cage made of spiritual wires, bars or nets, all meant to confine and to restrict the victim from movement. This kind of bondage has hindered many lives from progressing forward. As you are reading this, your life or part of what belongs to your life could very well be caged!!!


The Lord opened my eyes a few months back and showed me certain lady. She was walking down a street in a town in Africa, during the night season. And what I saw shocked me! She was trapping and picking the souls of men like as one picks choice fruit from a tree and casting them in a dirty bag she carried on her back. She was so shameless in her task as she snared those who did not know what was happening to their souls. Those were lives which were going to end in continuous bondage for the rest of their lives. The moment I saw her, I identified her as a witch on her nightly rendezvous. And there are many others who are sorcerers, wizards, diviners and the like who carry the same kind of work as this woman I have just described. If you do not know, then you need to know that in every city, village, town and region of the world, there is a network of witches and wizards on appointment to carry out the purposes of darkness. The enemy has the whole world mapped down. Of course, some areas, as Africa have a greater prevalence, but the truth is, no region has been spared by the devil.


So, what in your life can be caged?


Your health can be caged; your finances can be caged; your blessings can be caged; your academic career can be caged; your ministry can be caged; your marriage can be caged; your marriage partner can be caged; your business can be caged; your job (you know the one you are supposed to have but do not have yet? Yes that one!) and almost anything else you can mention can be put in a cage by wicked messengers of darkness. It (the caging) is done in the spirit world but the devastating effects of it are seen in the physical.


But let us move on….


How can you know your life is caged?


1. When your progress is limited.

When you are this kind of person, you will seem like you are advancing but the truth is, you are just going round the same circle. The witches know how to draw circles around a person and to declare them caged. These are among other ways they arrest and cage the lives of men. When you are caged, there is nothing to speak for. Things will look as if they are moving up only for them to hit a sudden snag. There will be no growth manifested. Everyone will be moving up except you. You will go to school, get a degree, but no job. You will get a job, but no promotion. You will open a business, or ministry, but no advancement. When an animal is caged, it can move, but its movements are limited; such is the life of a caged person: their diameter of movement is set. These are the effects of being spiritually caged. But in Jesus name, every cage shall be dismantled!


2. When you always desire things but never possess them.

This leads to frustration in life. Because you can see other people enjoy what you want, but you cannot have it. If you do get it, it only comes in trickles, much like a caged animal. A caged bird will receive grains to feed on, but not as much as it wants. A caged monkey may eat bananas, but not as much as it could wish for. When you are caged, you can see what you want but you cannot get it. You can see what you want to do, but you cannot do it. It is as if your hands are tied. It is as if your mind is tied. You know you can do it, but to find to do it you cannot. You have everything in position, yet nothing is happening for you. For ladies, you may be the most beautiful, but no suitor to marry you. You have the education to get the best kind of employment, but no job. You keep on asking yourself ‘Why is this happening to me?’ but you have no answers. Such are the manifestations of a caged life. You need to pray seriously.


3. When you find yourself adjusting to negative situations in your life.

After some time of being in a cage, an animal develops a ‘cage mentality’. It has tried to be free so many times and has been unsuccessful and so it adopts a mind that ‘I will never be free.’ This mindset now becomes the hindrance to total freedom for this animal. Even if the animal is set free, it cannot move because in the mind it has become overused to being bound. It is the same with human beings. When you have been caged for so long, you begin to accept your status quo as the reality of your life. Even if you were set free, you still end up thinking of yourself as bound. You get used to being sick; you get used to being sick and tired of being sick and tired. You get used to getting by with less than enough. You get used to being the doormat. You get used to a life of struggle. You get used to being single, to being sad, to being mistreated and many other things. Beloved, no matter how long you have been caged, I want you to know there is freedom for you in Jesus Christ. Do not let the period you have endured in the prison of the enemy keep you in the cage mentality, no, determine to be free!


4. When you find you are helpless to defend yourself against attacks.

Things will be happening to you but you cannot control them. You will have bad dreams but you cannot stop them from coming. People will hurt and mistreat you but you cannot answer them back. You have sicknesses that you cannot control; they just keep on coming and diminishing your resources. You become like a caged animal, you want to respond, but you can do nothing because of the bars that keep you back. No matter the insults hurled at you, you are still there immobile, unable to respond. No matter how hard you try, you are defenseless. You can lose everything that belongs to you, yet you still can do nothing. One of the causes of such a lifestyle is spiritual cages and if this that I am speaking about is you, your life is caged. When your health and your destiny go free, then you will be able to stand up to anyone who comes at you. This is why God sent His Son Jesus to the earth: to set the captives free.


5. When you find yourself living a life that is dependent on others.

This life of bondage so holds that you may go so low as to not be able to buy your own food, other people will be the ones feeding you. You get a job but it is paying you peanuts. You live a life of from hand to mouth, much like a caged bird or animal. Things are doled out to them one by one. There never is abundance. Such is the life of a caged man or woman. Basic things will be denied to this life. Even when you move to another city or town, the trend remains the same. Reason: caged life/portions. When your life is caged, you will be the chauffeur of those who are supposed to chauffeur you; you will be fed by those you are supposed to feed; you will be employed by those you are supposed to employ; you take any job as long as it can at least feed you, never mind the great qualifications you have; you will be reduced to a beggar unable to make any decisions for the good of your life, you just follow as you are told because somebody else controls the resources. These are manifestations of a caged life.


6. When you only shift locations but your reality does not change.

You get a new boyfriend or girlfriend but still meet the same problem; you get married to another person but still fall into the same old trap. Granted, not all things that manifest in these ways listed here are as a result of being caged, but a good number of what happens is as a result of this. One can move to a different city, but the same problems follow them; go to a different school, a different church, a different business environment, everything different but the same things keep on happening. These are results of a caged life. The enemy may decide to lock a particular area of your life. Young ladies move to new places, yet still cannot find a suitor. The marriage is caged. You move the church to another venue but still no growth. The ministry is caged. No matter where the animal goes, as long as it is caged, it cannot find fulfillment or express itself as much as it desires, until the cage is broken. I thank God because there is no cage He cannot deliver His people from. If this has been you, then know that there is freedom for you in Jesus Christ.


7. When you lose the will to live.

An animal that has been caged for a long time, because of not finding how to express all that it was created to be, soon gives up on life. For example, homing birds are meant to fly, but if you cage one, then later release it, it will simply hand around foolishly having forgotten and given up on the system that is programmed into its DNA. Such is the life of a human being who has lost his or her purpose. Life now simply becomes a meaningless drudgery. When you find yourself without any goal, without vision, and feeling lost in life, these are usually signs of a caged existence. You tried to get freedom but you eventually gave up. The Devil is a liar! There is freedom to return to being you once again. I once prayed for a lady whose life had been captured and imprisoned in the graveyard. She was living, but there was no purpose to her life. Friends ran away from her, acquaintances at work did not want anything to do with her; nothing was working at all, from finances to relationships. It was as if she never existed at all. But God set her free, delivered her health and restored her to life. You will also be restored again in Jesus name!


8. When the quality of your life reduces drastically.

This is the effect of these evil messengers who go hunting after the souls of men. Understand that all this caging and imprisonment is taking place in the realm of the spirit. One moment you are enjoying the good life, the next you have nothing good to speak about. One moment you could pay the bills of 5 of your family members, the next you cannot even pay your own bills. You had good health, then all of a sudden your health breaks down and you begin to move from sickness to sickness. You were making all right choices and all of a sudden you begin to make very poor decisions. You had joy in life, and then all of a sudden there is nothing to rejoice about. These are the manifestations of such spiritual bondage. The enemy works to reduce the quality of your life, much like a bird which could fly wherever it could wish, and all of a sudden, its movements are restricted. It cannot do anything but remember what it used to have; this is the kind of life someone who is caged lives. Some time back I prayed with a believer who was so dissatisfied in life that he sought my help to have him freed. While in prayer God revealed that he had had his heart exchanged for another. He could not have any joy until God said, ‘Remove the evil heart and give him back his heart.’ His heart had been stolen and imprisoned under the sea. After prayers and total deliverance, he said for 15 years he had never felt like he was himself, but now he was so joyous that he was free and back to his person. And he has stayed free! I also have reason to believe he will be reading this, though I name no names [smile]. You can see, you may have a physical part of your body, but if the spiritual counterpart is stolen, or caged, the physical is as good as nothing. Brains are stolen, so are eyes, and ears and tongues, and hands and feet, even the reproductive organs!!! Satan has no shame as to how far he will go. I prayed with a certain girl who at some point during deliverance began screaming. But, why? She claimed she could not see, nor had hands and no feet too! If you looked at her physically, these things were there, but spiritually, they had been stolen and caged by powers of darkness. After serious prayers, the powers holding these parts of her body released them and God quickened them back in position. Beloved, if your hands, feet, brain, eyes, tongue and any other part of your body are there, but they are not helping you, you need to consider praying to know if they have been caged by powers of darkness. This matter is real!


9. When you have tried all natural methods to get a solution to your problem but still nothing changes.

Because this is a spiritual problem, it cannot be solved by natural means. Some people think they have a natural solution to all their problems. So they cannot turn to a man or woman of God. They do not understand that problems are physical but also there is another spiritual aspect to them. This has led to many never finding a solution to their issues because they want to see counselors, they want to go to the ‘wise’ pastor, but they do not want to undergo deliverance. As such, there problem remains. Jesus said, as long as you say ‘I have no sin, therefore, your sin remains.’ The first step to solving a problem is in first admitting there is a problem. If one wants to break from an addiction, they must first acknowledge they are addicted. Alcoholics are always made to say their name and say they are alcoholics. When they identify the problem as present, then you are ready to be free. When you have tried all you can but there is no change, you must become like the woman who had an issue of blood: GO LOOKING FOR JESUS. When you see physically nothing is changing, then most likely what you need is a spiritual solution. You are dealing with a spiritual problem. Many people would be shocked if their eyes were opened to the true source of their woes. Pray like this: LORD, OPEN MY EYES TO THE SECRET BEHIND MY PROBLEMS, IN JESUS NAME, AMEN.


If what I have spoken concerning above is you, or someone you know, then you need to aggressively pray these prayer points [Please repeat each point as often as you are led to. Remember the King of Israel was required to strike the ground several times with the arrow but he got quickly tired and therefore got half the victory. Let that not be you!]:


1. Fire of the Holy Spirit, arise and consume every cage mentality within me to ashes in Jesus name, AMEN.


2. Blood of Jesus, arise and erase every demonic invisible line drawn around me to contain my progress in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN.


3. I command every satanic embargo placed upon my life to catch fire and burn to ashes NOW in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN.


4. Angels of the living God with flaming swords of fire, I send you now to locate every satanic and witchcraft cages holding my blessings, my finances, my education, my job, my husband/wife, my health, my promotion, my ministry, my opportunities, my divinely given ideas, my house, my passport, my visa, my cars, my degree/PhD, my anointing, my star [and anything else you can name] slice open every cage and liberate that which is mine and bring it back to me, NOW!!! in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN.


5. I take hold of the divine hammer of God and I smash every demonic container, bottle, or pot currently housing my destiny, in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN. I command my destiny to be properly quickened, according to the divine order, in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN.


6. I command every area of my life which the enemy turned upside down to be turned right side up, NOW!!! in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN.


7. I renounce every limitation I have placed on myself and every limitation I have accepted to be put on me NOW!!! in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN. I decree I choose to live a life without limits, in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN.


8. By the divine hammer of God I dismantle every satanic cage housing my eyes, my ears, my mind, my heart, hands, my legs, my body, my soul and my spirit, NOW!!! in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN. I command my eyes, my ears, my mind, my heart, hands, my legs, my body, my soul and my spirit, jump out of witchcraft submission, NOW!!! in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN.


9. I command every agent of darkness holding my life and my star, release them NOW!!! in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN.


10. Fire of God, fall now, consume and burn to ashes every bars and nets of every cage of darkness designed to imprison my life and my benefits, in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN.


11. My good and my destiny that was locked away from my life, I unlock you with the key of David in the hands of Jesus Christ and command you, come forth and locate me NOW!!! in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN.


12. I decree it: I will have what my enemies said I will not have, I will go what they said I will not go, I will be what they said I will not be, I will do what they said I will not do in the name of Jesus Christ; Power of the Holy Ghost, fall upon me now and empower me to live out my destiny, in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN.


If you have indeed prayed these prayers, then as a servant of God I declare your life unlocked from every satanic cage that was designed to stop your life. You beloved are unstoppable! Go and live out your destiny to the full, in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN.



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