BELOVED, PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO WHAT I AM ABOUT TO SHARE WITH YOU HERE, because the time has come for many of God’s people to be liberated from the power of divination and divining pastors. I want you to understand that many who say they went to a man or woman of God who prayed for them in certain ways are unaware that they have actually had real encounters with diviners!
If any of these THINGS [which I will list below] have ever happened to you while you sought prayers or help from a man/woman of God, then you have actually been to a diviner and need not speculate about it anymore.
Now, what exactly makes it so bad that I will want to speak this with you? Well, because diviners use water spirits to perform their ‘miracles’. These [water spirits] are powers which are able to make things to totally disappear from the physical and also make things which were absent to appear in the physical. Pharaohs magicians were diviners, and, all present day magicians use these spirits as well. What that means is: YOU SHOULD NOT BE WOWED OR EVEN BECOME A SPECTATOR OF ANY WORKS OF MAGICIANS, ON TELEVISION, THE INTERNET, THE STREETS, OR LIVE IN PERSON. By the time you are busy watching these, major bondages are being introduced into your life.
Now, the most interesting thing about divination is that while these things are being done to you, or you are obeying commands given by these diviners, what is actually happening is that virtues are being stolen from your life in the realm of the spirit. VIRTUE IS THE POWER THAT ENABLES YOUR LIFE TO FUNCTION ACCORDING TO THE DESTINY GOD ORDAINED FOR YOU. Many people have had their lives go down [regress] after encountering such fake ‘men or women of God’.
NOW, HERE ARE A COUPLE OF RED FLAGS YOU WILL NEED TO WATCH OUT FOR when seeking to discern who is using a spirit of divination or not. If this has already happened to you, you will need to seek deliverance from the bondages that came upon your life through these powers. One woman, after being in touch with these divining pastors came to me for prayers. Her life had totally been wiped out of blessings by these agents of wickedness. What followed during her prayer session was a spectacular deliverance that amazed all who were present at the session. So many things broke out of her life on that day. And she is only one on a list of many who have already been set free in this way.
1. YOU ARE GIVEN THE INSTRUCTION TO GO HOME AND SAY THE LORD’S PRAYER A SPECIFIC NUMBER OF TIMES DAILY. When that ‘man or woman of God’ instructs you to repeat the Lord’s prayer 7 times once a day, or several times a day before you do certain things like ‘entering your house’, or ‘going to prayer’ or ‘taking a shower’ or anything else, you must know that these instructions are an actual push towards your disobedience of the Word of God.
Just before this prayer was given to the disciples by the Master, He had taught His disciples against praying with ‘VAIN REPETITIONS’. Then He taught us how to speak with the Father, teaching that He [THE FATHER] already knows what we want before we ask. So, how is it that you can now be convinced that repetitively saying this prayer 7 times or 21 times will grant you an audience before God? That is preposterous! Did you even read what the Word spoken before that said???
When this prayer is answered, that will not be the Father in heaven answering. It will be another. Why? Because that instruction did not come from Him! THE ONE WHO ISSUES THE INSTRUCTION, WHEN YOU OBEY, THEY ARE THE SAME ONES TO RELEASE THE POWER. This way, Satan has taught the children of God to disobey His commands using the Word! If you have been doing this, your time to repent has come.
2. YOU HAVE BEEN ASKED TO PRAY WITH A CANDLE. Red candle, blue candle, yellow candle, black candle, and whatever candle they asked you to pray with. Aha, arrange them in a circle? Or a V shape and pray with that? Such an instruction did not come from the Holy Ghost. Read your Bible and try and see where God commanded men to use candles to pray. Nowhere! And what happens when you don’t have the candles? God will not answer your prayer? Thus these diviners have taught men to keep the precepts of men and to disobey the commandments of God.
When you put your faith in a candle to connect you to God, are you not being preposterous??? For even the commandment that was given to place the lamp-stand in the Holy Place was not for the sake of prayer, but for the sake of creating light in the tabernacle. THIS [USE OF CANDLES IN PRAYER] IS A CREATION FROM THE PIT OF DARKNESS WHICH CANNOT BE SUBSTANTIATED ANYWHERE IN SCRIPTURE. Now, what you actually need to know is that in the same way moths are attracted to candlelight, even so demons are attracted to them. Also, THERE ARE ALSO CERTAIN CANDLES THAT ARE PROGRAMMED WITH SCENTS WHICH ATTRACT EVIL SPIRITS. Burning them does not bring God close by, but it is a ritual that has its roots in pagan worship practices and is only attractive to demons.
If you have ever obeyed this command and burned candles during prayer, supposedly to attract the Holy Spirit, you need to put down major repentance and also take deliverance for the same. Why? Because your candle-burning ritual was actually inviting evil spirits into your life!
3. YOU ARE ASKED TO PRAY STANDING ON TOP OF THE BIBLE. The allegory is that you are standing on the Word of God. But wait, did you ever see any such practice outlined in the Scripture? Therefore the Word of God declares, ‘My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.’ FOR DOING SO IS A DESECRATION OF THE HOLY SCRIPTURES! You are trampling on the Word of God while seeking to experience the power of God. Shall the Lord then hearken to you? No! But demons will answer you because you have obeyed their command, thereby attracting a curse on yourself.
When you carry out this demonic instruction, it is as if you are denying the Word of God. Will God then hear you when you pray? No! But Satan will be happy when you follow such a command. If you want God to hear you and Satan to fear you, You need to know, live and quote what is written in the Bible. That is the true source of power. Clutching it, stepping on it, or sleeping with it will not help you in any way. DO TAKE NOTE: THE ONLY WORD OF GOD THAT CAN HELP YOU IS THE ONE YOU HAVE READ AND MADE A PART OF YOUR LIFE. Once again, if you have done this, you need to put up a serious repentance.
4. YOU ARE ASKED TO BRING SOME PHYSICAL THINGS TOWARDS PRAYER: Animals (chicken, goat etc) for sacrifice, wheat flour and so on. This is still major deception, for understand that the spirit of divination is also deception. It is a power that makes you believe and practice the lie, for it is opposed to God and all that can be known as truth. The Lord instructed Israel to use these things in the Old Testament, but nowhere does He command the present day church to do the same. We never received any command to follow the instructions given to the physical Israel.
On the contrary, the Word says of the law in Galatians 5, ‘How can you who is freed from the things of this world return to submitting ourselves under the bondage of the same elements?’ God removed the law and nailed it on the cross of Jesus, having fulfilled all its righteous requirements for us through Christ. How then will He command us to return to the same? Impossible! Only Satan can rise to deceive gullible minds that this would be a requirement for the power of God to flow. If you have ever carried such things to the man of God, you need to join the list of those who are praying and fasting for deliverance.
5. YOU ARE ASKED TO LICK SOME ASH OR SIMILAR SUBSTANCE AS A SOURCE OF POWER. The allegory is that whatever you say after licking the same will come to pass. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. THIS IS SATANIC DEFILEMENT WHICH IS BEING CARRIED OUT ON YOUR TONGUE AND IS ACTUALLY MEANT TO REMOVE POWER FROM YOUR WORDS. If any power is actually deposited there, it will be demonic power. Unless serious deliverance takes place, such a person can only be heard from the kingdom of darkness. Whenever they pray, God will not hear them because they have yielded themselves to the enemy! If you have been a victim here, then I have only one word for you: REPENT!
6. YOU ARE ASKED TO SPRINKLE SALT IN YOUR HOUSE, OFFICE OR COMPOUND. While this instruction can come from God, it is greatly abused by diviners. The reliance on the salt as a source of protection is not of God. God is your Protector. There is a thin line between the righteous use of this item and the other side of it. You need to pray for discernment. If you have misused this kind of salt, then repentance is required from you.
7. YOU ARE GIVEN THE INSTRUCTION THAT GOD WANTS YOU TO LEAVE YOUR JOB, OR ‘HE DOES NOT WANT YOU TO WORK AT ALL’. Okay, then how will you live in this world? For the same God has said in the Word, ‘If a man does not work, neither shall he eat.’ Once again, this instruction does not come from the Holy Spirit, [except for the reason that He is calling you to do His work: which will be confirmed multiple times by those who speak for Him].
Many people have left their work places under the impression that God spoke and commanded it, only for them to suffer greatly afterwards. Understand that the python spirit, which is also divination, is the power behind all chronic joblessness, and also is responsible for the slackness to work among men. Some of its other junior spirits are backwardness and poverty. If you are not working somewhere, you are in actual sense regressing in life.
Take wisdom to yourself: any man or woman who instructs you to ‘immediately’ leave your workplace because God has commanded it should be checked double double. WHEN GOD SPEAKS AND COMMANDS YOU TO LEAVE, HE WILL NOT RUSH YOU UP – UNLESS HE IS WARNING YOU OF IMMINENT DANGER. Ask Him for a confirmation of any instruction to leave your job before you actually do so. He (as the Originator of work) wants us to employ our hands, for by so doing we will also be able to eat. If you quit your job prematurely, you will be miserable, for you will have personally cut off God’s appointed means of sustaining you.
8. YOU ARE ASKED TO SHOWER WITH SOME LIQUID OR ASH WHICH YOU ALSO TAKE HOME. Or, you are given some special water to add to your bath water. BOTH OF THESE DEDICATED ITEMS ARE MEANT TO BRING YOU IN TO BONDAGE, ESPECIALLY TO WATER SPIRITS. If you have done so, then you will need to put up some serious repentance for the same. Deliverance must then follow.
9. YOU ARE SPOKEN TO OF SOME DEATH THAT IS SUPPOSEDLY PLANNED IN YOUR FAMILY FROM THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS. This is meant to strike fear [which is one of the key devices of diviners] in your heart and cause you to be submissive to them. Any man or woman who orders you to pay (not give) some money so cleansing from evil spirits can be done on you or your property is already a suspect.
We are indeed commanded to give cheerfully in the Word, for certain altars can only come down as you raise an altar against them in the house of God, but we are not to be coerced to make payments for ministry. The Lord instructed the leper to go and show himself to the priest and offer the gift of Thanksgiving for his healing, but WHEN DIVINER SPEAKS TO YOU, THEY WILL ASK YOU TO GIVE BEFORE ANY WORK HAS BEEN DONE.
Any Word that is meant to create fear in your heart from any man of God is to be treated with double suspicion. Someone telling you that they are seeing coffins or graves which can only be removed by a SPECIFIC amount of offering is out of order and should also be double checked.
10. THE MINISTER FALLS DOWN, GOES INTO A FIT AND BRINGS FORTH ‘A PROPHETIC WORD’ FOR YOU OR THE CHURCH. You must be careful about this one. While the Holy Spirit does sometimes overpower His vessels by virtue of His mighty presence on them, this is not an everyday occurrence with His vessels. The Lord is a God of order and will not bring chaos and disorder when He seeks to speak with His people. One way to differentiate between theses who rightfully come under the power of God and those who don’t is by taking note of how your spirit man responds to this. Do you have peace in your spirit man or not? Confirm.
GOD DOES NOT NEED TO CREATE DRAMA BEFORE HIS VOICE CAN BE HEARD. He will speak, and His voice is powerful. THIS SPIRIT [DIVINATION] IS DRAMATIC. Likewise, take note of continuous ‘words of judgment’, doom and destruction. Remember, the spirit of divination likes to speak judgment. It is a very critical and merciless spirit which requires that you either do as it commands, or you must die. It will always seek to strike fear in the hearts of its victims to bring them into submission. The Spirit of God, on the other hand however, gives grace and provision to either choose to follow His leadership and direction or not.
The spirit of divination also gives too many non-scriptural commands and will always lay an emphasis on the outward look rather than on the heart. It speaks too much about how you must dress in this way and act in this way before you are accepted into heaven. But God looks at the heart. Additionally, the spirit of divination loves to prophesy. IT WILL LOAD YOU WITH NUMEROUS FANCIFUL PROPHETIC WORDS EVERY TIME YOU COME ACROSS IT. IT DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO KEEP QUIET, BUT FOOLS ITS VICTIM THAT HE OR SHE IS SOMEHOW ALWAYS HEARING FROM GOD. Take note of the girl who continuously prophesied of Paul and Silas as “men of God who show us the way of salvation”.
11. YOU ARE ASKED TO DRINK SOME STRANGE CONCOCTION AS PART OF THE PRAYERS. These are satanic covenants that are being established over your life. Yes, God may command His servants to pray over water and ask you to drink it. But what I am speaking about here is are the concoctions. Some things have been mixed, chanted upon and given to you to drink. When the water becomes commercialized, that also is another red flag rising. If you have ever had this done to you, you must know that you are in need of MAJOR DELIVERANCE.
12. YOU ATTENDED PRAYERS AND WAS ASKED TO PUT ON SOME WHITE, RED, PURPLE, OR OTHER COLOR OF CLOTHING WHILE YOU PRAY. You may have even received such and been asked to go home with it ‘for your prayer sessions’. If this has happened, then you must also know that you have just had fellowship with diviners. There is no particular emphasis on wearing garments of a particular color with God.
WHENEVER YOU FIND A MINISTER SAYING ‘GOD SAID I MUST WEAR IT IN THIS COLOR’ OR ‘GOD SAID YOU SHOULD PUT ON THIS COLOR TO PRAY’, YOU MUST IMMEDIATELY START TO BACKTRACK YOUR STEPS. This happens especially with the white colors, which have an outward look of holiness – but God wants our spirit man to be adorned with righteousness and holiness instead. NO MATTER HOW WHITE THE GARMENTS LOOK, THEY ARE NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF HOLINESS IN THAT PERSON.
Any claims of chasing demons by wearing certain colors of clothing are equally bad as well. It is a lie from the pit of darkness that the Devil will flee if you wear it in red colors and so on. THE ONLY THING THAT TERRORIZES THE DEVIL IS THE BLOOD OF JESUS, AND THE NAME OF JESUS. Everything else in the form of a particular color of dressing is a lie and is only meant to impress men, not the Devil, and certainly not God. Sadly, many have fallen under this lie and are still bound to this kind of tradition. Such people need major deliverance before their lives can move forward.
Worse still, anyone who has been attending a ‘WHITE GARMENT CHURCH’ has also come under the grip of this spirit and will need to take major deliverance.
13. SOME ‘MINISTER’ PULLED SOME MATERIAL OUT OF YOUR BODY WHICH WAS SUPPOSEDLY PUT THERE THROUGH SOME FORM OF WITCHCRAFT. If this has ever happened to you, (whether it was a coffin, a piece of glass, ropes, pots, papers, plastic, blanket pieces, bones or anything else) you must know that you have already come one on one with a diviner. Are the things which they pull out real? Mostly, yes! You saw them with your own eyes! Did the Spirit of God do it? No! That was done with the aid of water spirits, which also are the same spirits which helped Pharaoh’s magicians to perform their tricks. As I mentioned before, these spirits are also to move from the physical into the spiritual, and vice versa. They can do the same thing with objects.
Now important to understand that immediately that was done, not only were you deceived by the fake miracle, but also there were virtues that were snatched out of your life in exchange for the ‘freedom’. That is why lives which have been under such ‘fake ministers’ will begin to go down soon after this has been done. What happened? THE SUBMISSION YOU GAVE TO THEM GAVE THE RIGHT TO THEIR SPIRITS TO STEAL FROM YOU.
Were those things really there? No they were not. For you see water spirits can move things from the physical into the spiritual, and vice versa. That is how they are able to fool their victims into believing. A spiritual bondage is in the spirit realm, not in the physical. Therefore, it will also break from there when the power of God moves from which the life of the person will begin to heal and return to normalcy. IF ANYTHING HAS EVER BEEN PULLED OUT OF YOUR LIFE, YOU MUST KNOW THAT YOU ARE A SERIOUS CANDIDATE FOR DELIVERANCE.
14. SOME ‘MINISTER’ PULLED SOME PHYSICAL ITEMS OUT OF YOUR HOUSE OR LAND PLACED THERE THROUGH WITCHCRAFT. This is the same case as the last point above. What is actually happening is that curses are being programmed into your house and property. If serious prayers are not made to reverse the works of these diviners, soon after their appearance you will all start going down. SPIRITUAL CLEANSING MUST BE DONE AGAIN ON SUCH PROPERTIES.
15. MAKING YOU ENGAGE IN ‘UNUSUAL ACTIVITY’ DURING PRAYER. You are asked to lie down as the minister walk on you, or eat grass, or remove your clothes, or sit in a certain posture, or do any other things which are ‘funny’. The spirit of divination, since it is the anti of the Holy Spirit, will give every manner of non-scriptural commands, as if the Father spoke them, but no, God did not speak these things! It takes a discerning mind and spirit to fish this out. If you have been subjected to these ‘funny practices’, it’s time for you to take MAJOR PRAYERS over your life.
16. YOU HAVE BEEN MADE TO OBEY SOME COMMANDS WHICH ARE CLEARLY NOT OUTLINED IN SCRIPTURE. These are questionable things such as ‘God has said you should leave your wife/husband and marry so and so…’ or ‘God has said you are my third wife…’ Ah, God is not the author of such confusion.
17. WOMEN: YOU HAVE BEEN COMMANDED TO WEAR A COVERING OVER YOUR HEAD. Same for men. This is commanded as a sign of piety in the flock. However the Word of God is clear, that hair was given to women by God as a covering for them when they enter the place of worship. You don’t need another covering either. Men, why cover yourself in the presence of God? But the Word declares that you [men] are the image of God.
18. YOU ARE NOT ATTENDING CHURCH. YOU FIND YOURSELF MISSING CHURCH AND NOT ‘MISSING IT IN REAL SENSE’ . This is a sign of someone who has been already afflicted by the python spirit (also known as spirit of divination). The spirit of divination is a strangle-hold spirit which will not let go until it has remove it’s victim’s from the right church and placed them in a wrong assembly. It is a spirit which hates the truth passionately. That is why anyone who has been afflicted by the spirit will either not go to church, or will go to all the wrong churches before they eventually connect to the right one. By this time, they will have been fed all manner of lying doctrines. Do they know that they are being deceived? No. They are already blinded and except for prayers which are made for them, and the mercy of God, they usually will not go free. PEOPLE WHO SUFFER FROM FREQUENT HEADACHES AND MIGRAINES DESPITE TAKING ALL SORTS OF MEDICATION ARE USUALLY BOUND BY THIS SPIRIT. Their deception has a stronghold on their mind which transcends into the physical. Such cases need MAJOR DELIVERANCE prayers before freedom and healing can come.
You must also ask yourself, ‘Why am I missing church?’ and ‘Why am I attending every church on the planet, jumping from one church to another’. For this spirit will not let you rest in one place for it knows that for AS LONG AS YOU ARE NOT SUBMITTED UNDER AN AUTHORITY, YOU CANNOT ACCESS A GOOD PORTION OF YOUR BLESSINGS. Such persons operate under a vagabond spirit, moving everywhere without a father, therefore forfeiting their due blessings. The Lord is a God of order and He requires submission under an appointed authority for Him to channel His graces, anointing and blessings to His people. ANYONE WHO IS NOT SUBMITTED TO AN AUTHORITY IS DOING HIMSELF OR HERSELF A GREAT DISSERVICE.
19. YOU ARE INSTRUCTED TO REMOVE YOUR SHOES BEFORE ENTERING THE PRAYER CHAMBER. This is not a command of the Lord Jesus but is rooted in keeping of the law where we find Moses being asked to remove his shoes while at the Holy place. The insinuation is that we have connected to a holy place and therefore ought to remove our shoes. Such practices are born out of religion and not the Spirit of God. ANY TIME YOU FIND AN EMPHASIS ON ‘REMOVE YOUR SHOES FOR PRAYERS’ YOU MUST KNOW THAT A WRONG SPIRIT IS OPERATING IN THAT PLACE. What God did back then with those whom He dealt with in the natural, He does not require of us whom He now deals with in the spiritual. However, the spirit of divination, being also religion, continues to demand that we keep the letter of the law. You must run away from any place where you are commanded to remove your shoes in order to worship.
20. But some will say, ‘Man of God, what about the accurate prophetic word I was given?’ Aha, YOU MUST KNOW THAT NOT EVERY ACCURATE PROPHETIC WORD COMES FROM THE SPIRIT OF GOD. The kingdom of darkness definitely has an understanding of the spirit realm and is also able to access some things concerning the future. Satan has many devices and knows that the future has already been established in the heavens. He is therefore able to obtain some information in this regard.
Take note also that the Word of God refers to Balaam as a diviner, yet the man accurately prophesied about the Messiah. Partly he was being used by the kingdom of darkness, and, partly by God. You must understand also that prophets are vessels, they are instruments for passing messages. As such, God can interfere with any diviner so he may speak what He wants to be said.
Remember also concerning Saul, whom the Spirit of God left and a spirit of divination took him over and troubled him much. He was always depressed and needing someone to play him some music so as to be refreshed. Yet we still find him prophesying in the Word [even after the Spirit of God left him]. We also see in the Word another old prophet in 1 Kings 13 who prophesies to a young prophet and lies to him that God had changed his earlier command to him (not to eat) and commanded him to eat. He then submits and eats, but then the same old prophet now accurately prophesies from the mouth of the Lord and speaks of his death by a lion, [which actually takes place on the same day].
So in the two accounts above we find the one who was under divination still being used by the Spirit of God. We also find the girl who had a spirit of divination in Acts 16 accurately prophesying about Paul and Silas as servants of the living God. Here we find the spirit of divination acting ‘as religious as possible’ so that it will escape being cast out. And the Word of God says, ‘this she did for many days’ until Paul was grieved, recognized the spirit and cast it out of her.
REMEMBER ALSO THAT THE SPIRIT OF DIVINATION IS A FORTUNE-TELLING SPIRIT. IT PROPHESIES FOR MATERIAL GAIN. This was the case with this girl [who brought much gain to her masters by prophesying], was the case with Balaam as well [who was greedy for gain], and was also the case with the prophets of Ahab [who also told him what he wanted to hear for their own personal gain – access and provision from the palace]. Whenever this spirit is operating in a vessel, financial gain from those who submit to them will definitely be their main interest. BY SO DOING, MUCH NEEDED FINANCES ARE DRAWN AWAY FROM THE TRUE PREACHING OF THE GOSPEL TO OTHER PURPOSES.
Now, sit down with yourself and examine your life. Have you been impacted upon by divining pastors? Have you been subjected to such things as I have mentioned? Do you know someone who has been impacted by these? IT IS TIME TO SEEK DELIVERANCE, BOTH FOR YOURSELF AND FOR THOSE WHOM YOU KNOW HAVE BEEN OPPRESSED BY THIS SPIRIT. IT IS ALSO TIME TO COME OUT COMPLETELY FROM UNDER THESE DIVINING PASTORS AND CHURCHES. Freedom and restoration is possible! No matter how far you have gone, the Lord Jesus will set you free! Just surrender and obey His instructions.


  1. This information is very important servant of God. My dad attends churches and meetings of these kinds. He strongly believes in men ‘who see things and tell him’ he also relies on them visiting and pulling out stuff from his compound. He has totally refused to take my counsel and believes that the prayers from these ‘prophets’ have helped him this far. Before his engagement with these diviners he used to rely heavily on waganga. Now that he’s free from waganga he feels at home with the diviners though he doesn’t see them as such. This is affecting my life because I am his sole breadwinner yet he takes the monies to pay off these men and women. I have stagnated. My money is always spent treating sickness and diseases. Pastor I am born again, spirit filled. But surrounded by witchcraft from dad’s siblings and now divination from my own dad

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